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PChouse network by Pacific Computer Information Consultant CO., LTD is lauched on July 2010.With a strong information advantage, relying on the Pacific websites' integration resources, we wait for the chance of appearance.We hope that we can improve the quality of the target consumer audience and to build a comprehensive wealth of household information which includes the professional networking platform.

Up to now, PChouse has completed the first phase of construction. We focused on the introduction of the evaluation, matching,shopping guide, forums, quick questions, gallery, industry and other columns, and then the "portfolio" channel with the introduction of guidance products' shopping guide is following up£¬hoping for domestic customers with the most professional, comprehensive, advanced and optimized home construction programs.

PChouse has a senior media background, excellent team organization, insist on original style, focusing on home improvement professional interpretation, sets up a starting point of information, shopping guide, guide to use and interactions, seeking industry technical point of view and user-experience a high degree of integration, to evaluation comments, with a shopping guide, design new knowledge, special products, industry news and interactive activities led by the content of user interest, and strive for our users and household decoration enthusiasts, create a comprehensive set of materials, design, home appliances, furniture, household goods and good atmosphere of users' houses.


Pacific Home Network professional evaluation room Bingzhao fair, just and open manner, provide the most authoritative evaluation the most professional home category, including single-product evaluation, price evaluation, comparative evaluation, brand evaluation, with evaluation, the company measure and store evaluation, on Friends of the equipment evaluation projects are most concerned about the professional evaluation.

Perfect matching

This is one key channel of PChouse,covering with comprehensive news and informations of matching,unit mixture,color matching and other products, we declare our favor of "quality house and decorating style",focusing on sharing good and harmonious house attitude.

Decoration bible

We create a decoration information platform for users with innovation, combined with search engine function to be standing out, in case to led the channel's flow growing.And last but not least is to provide professional informations of decoration collection to our users.

Special zone

We have the advantage of having clear content with accurate,demand for different audiences, provide different decoration of information. We got strong goals and a clear point that our users can find the information they need.